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Funk Factor Live at The Winery @ St. George <br />
(Left to right - Pat Haynes, guitar; Tim Veeder, tn. sax/flute; Chris Milillo, drums; Arnold Schnitzer, bass; Alex Tschersich, keys)

Funk Factor Live at The Winery @ St. George
(Left to right - Pat Haynes, guitar; Tim Veeder, tn. sax/flute; Chris Milillo, drums; Arnold Schnitzer, bass; Alex Tschersich, keys)

Funk Factor is a dynamic groove collective from the NYC Metro area, conceived and led by drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Chris Milillo. Inspired by the classic era of jazz-funk epitomized by Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, Funk Factor performs original, classic, and modern instrumental jazz-funk, building upon a rhythmic and stylistic foundation of funk and deftly incorporating the harmonic vocabulary and improvisational spirit of jazz.

Equally at home on festival stages, at concert halls, intimate jazz clubs, cafes, or private events, Funk Factor is a musical experience for the mind and booty!
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Funk Factor Live!

Freight House Cafe, 609 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541

Funk Factor returns to the coolest cafe in Putnam County, for an intimate and vibey night of jazz-funk instrumentals, of the original and classic variety.


Updates/Funk Factor in the Studio, Recording Debut Album! 

Hey All! Hope this update finds you well, and in a funky state of mind! I haven't been so great about updates, but having an infant will do that to you... Since the last update, we've been through a big change, with original keyboardist and composer, Declan, stepping aside due to scheduling conflicts and logistical issues. Declan's mark is still left on some of the tunes we continue to play. Fortunately, our new keyboardist, Alex Tschersich, stepped in masterfully, and we haven't missed a beat. Alex's funky…Read more

Gig Report: Sold Out Show at the Freight House Cafe - 3/15/14! 

Okay, so the Freight House Cafe is a small venue (I prefer to call it "intimate"), but we were fully booked in advance, and (unfortunately) had to turn people away at the door and refuse same-day phone reservations. Many who attended the gig referred to the setting as "cozy" and described it as having a great vibe. The Freight House is truly a great backdrop for our brand of jazz-funk, and owner Donna Massaro made everyone feel like they were at "a really cool private party" (that's a quote from a guest).

Read more

Update: Feb. 2014 

While it's been a cold and snowy winter (understatement of the century), we've been heating it up in the studio, continuing to write and develop original material, and having a blast jamming on some classics. We'll be previewing some of the new stuff (both original and classic) on upcoming gigs, and plan to bring our brand of groove music to some of the area's best music venues. Stay tuned! - Chris

Update: Jan. 2014 

Hope everyone's New Year got off to a great start! We've been in the studio, writing and arranging new material with an eye toward recording a full length album in 2014. In the meantime, we'll be introducing the new material on select live dates beginning in March. Stay tuned for gig announcements and, as always, keep it funky! -- Chris

Funk Factor to Make Live Debut! 

We're excited to announce that we'll be making our live debut on Saturday, October 19th at The Freight House Cafe in Mahopac, NY.  Doors open at 7pm, and we hit from 7:30 until 10:30. We hope you'll join us! --Chris


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